6 Important Key Metrics to Grow Your Field Service Business

In our previous article, we have walked through the importance of digital transformation in field service businesses and how it plays a crucial role in increasing customer satisfaction and growing the business. Want to sustain your business? Pursue your customers! Many businesses are sprouting up day-by-day. What succeeds is a business that meets customer expectations. Around 72% of the field service businesses are moving to have customer satisfaction as their primary goal.

In this article, let’s discover the six important key metrics for a successful field service business growth.

Call Volume

Call Volume

Not sure how to calculate customer satisfaction? One simple technique is to be careful with the number of calls you receive from customers. The call volume can vividly showcase the health of your business. If the calls are higher, focus on meeting the expectations of your customers, form a separate team to deal with customers, ask for feedback to fix these issues. If the call volume is lower, congrats! You are on the right track; follow the right methodologies to keep your business going and growing. Looking for the best ways to lower down call volumes? Implement field service management software. Here are a few ways it can demote call volumes.

  • Customer Self Service Portals

Nothing feels better than finding the right answer you need at the right time from the experts. Field service management tools offer customer self-service portals, where customers get access to service history, knowledgebase, and frequently asked questions to find the solution for queries.

  • Automated Notifications

Keeping your customers updated about the happening, sending emails, SMS, or push-notifications will enhance customer relationships with the business. Live tracking allows customers to track their scheduled technicians and enhances customer satisfaction.

First-Time Fix Rates

One of the deciding factors of your business strength lies in the first-time fix rates. Is your field technician visiting a client more than once? Your business badly needs a digital update. Implementing field service management tool can help you in streamlining workflows where all the processes fall right in place. First-time fix rates improve customer satisfaction and elevate business bottom line.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime

The technicians feel isolated in the field. The field service tool supports technicians where they get to access job information, customer data, task details, asset history, connected device insight, and schedule. Technicians can access it from their mobile devices, or tablets which help to improve employee productivity.

  • Ongoing Support

Sometimes, novices get scheduled for a job. On reaching the client’s place he may require a seasoned technician’s guidance. With the software, he can make use of the knowledgebase available, make calls, and connect through videos or messaging to get the job done with expert support.

Cost-To-Service Per Order

Cost To Service Per Order

Cost-to-service per order is one of the important key metrics for your field service businesses. Improved efficiency and productivity due to overtime by your field technicians increases the business growth. Following are a few optimizations that can be followed to reduce the cost to service per order.

  • Billing and Invoicing

Replacing paper documents with paperless documentation increases performance, accuracy, and saves a lot of time. Invoicing can be done within seconds which improves customer satisfaction.

  • Optimizing Process Flow

Optimizing workflows right from scheduling, dispatching to invoicing, increases business efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction, saves a lot of time and effort, and reduces operational cost.

  • Job Status

Get real-time access to field technicians’ workflows from the login to log off time and more.

Technician Time-To-Site

GPS Navigation

Are your technicians finding it difficult to reach the customer’s place on time? Navigate through the three main benefits of implementing field service management software and witness what it can do to your field service business.

  • Route Optimization

Route optimization helps technicians to find the shortest routes to reach the customer place, avoid traffic, and choose the best route.

  • Seamless Planning

Scheduling the right technician with the right skillset equipped with the right equipment at the right time is achieved swiftly with the tool.

  • Geolocation Tracking

With plenty of reasons to implement GPS tracking in field service businesses, Geolocation tracking facilitates accurate and real-time monitoring of field technicians. Plan & schedule the technician according to your convenience and location.

Maximizing Number of Jobs Per Day

Maximizing Number of Jobs Per Day

One of the main reasons for decreased business productivity is decreased employee productivity. The field service scheduling software helps you to gain a bird’s view of your business, track the nook and corner of your business, inspect and identify errors, rectify, and train your employees accordingly. You can seamlessly access data and analytics to assign field technicians, track scheduled jobs, get the skill set of the technician, the worker or equipment availability, or the amount of inventory in-hand.

Customer Satisfaction

As discussed earlier, understanding the health of your field services business can be estimated from the number of calls you receive. Collecting feedback from the customer after every service can help you to spot your business weakness, work on that, and rectify it. This process increases the customer satisfaction rate.

Wrapping Up!

Transform your business with the latest field service dispatch software to increase business performance, productivity, and revenue! Want to try the software for free? Drop a line to the QuikAllot team for a free online demo and get started with your 30 days free trial!

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