7 Incredible Benefits of Employing a Field Service Management Software

When you order pizza, the process is so convenient. You call the shop, tell your choice and they deliver it to you piping hot. There is a lot of field service management involved here. Likewise, when you want to get your leaking sink fixed or a new window installed, you reach out to plumbers and carpenters. As a plumbing or carpentry business, managing orders on calls will become a difficult ordeal. But by equipping yourself with a field management software and your customers with a mobile app, you can give your venture the perfect means of automating work and boosting efficiency, while your customers are able to avail your services hassle-free.

Here are 7 reasons why your venture needs an FSM software

1. Better Workflow Coordination

Every business that involves managing workers on-field needs workflow coordination. Without a software to digitize workflows, you will have to manually connect technicians with tasks. A typical FSM venture involves collecting client requests, queuing them up and assigning them to the right field person. This is easier said than done. Coordination between workers, dispatchers and admins is necessary to ensure that customer orders are tended to on time! When you have a field service software, you can effortlessly collect multiple orders and send them out to field workers simultaneously. This digital approach ensures that there’s minimal wastage of time and maximum efficiency!

2. Remove Paperwork

Paperwork might seem manageable in the beginning, even neat at times. But as a field service business you will be dealing with hundreds of orders every month! It is physically impossible to manage the paperwork that follows. To eliminate this burden, digital assistance is needed. Having a software will let you easily store data, recollect it on demand and work with it as necessary. With data pertaining to customer orders, resources and market trends, bettering your business from the inside-out becomes seamless!

3. Better Invoicing

Customers dislike strenuous billing processes. Generating bills for FSM tasks is based on a lot of factors like hours worked, resources needed and complexity of the job. You can’t calculate this each time, manually, for multiple orders. Provide an invoicing experience that’s superior by going digital! Equipped with a software, you’ll be able to generate bills automatically. These transparent invoices will be better for customers too, giving them a billing experience that is incredibly swift and efficient.

4. Real-Time Task Delegation

Task delegation has to be done in real-time, with little to no time wasted. Once a customer raises a complaint, you should be able to process it swiftly and send it to the right field technician quickly. Without a scheduling software, this process can get painstakingly long. But when you have the right tool to work with, you can automate job order collection and delegate them to field workers in real-time.

5. Optimized Navigation

Navigating within a city can be confusing no matter how familiar the place. With each day bringing in multiple orders, technicians might have a tough time navigating from one place to another on their own. Asking around for routes and trying to find the way on their own can get problematic and will only be a waste of time! Equip field technicians with a good FSM mobile app that has GPS and tracking features, and watch how orders are finished swiftly!

6. Resource Management

Field service often comes with multiple resource requirements. Sometimes your technicians need a spanner and sometimes they have to paint an entire house. Depending on customer needs, the resource requirement can vary. Imagine having to keep a manual track of all the resources lent and utilized! It can get harrowing. This is why you should employ a meticulous software for your venture and digitize your approach completely.

7. Delegate Tasks Accurately

For companies that cover a number of FSM verticals, you will be having a big pool of technicians. If you were to get a request for AC repair but ended up assigning it to a carpenter, imagine what would follow! Accurate delegation of tasks is necessary to ensure there are no problems faced in any end. The best and most intricate way of providing FSM solutions is by equipping your business with a good tool.

When you have the right scheduling software, managing a field service venture will be seamless. Try QuikAllot for your FSM business today! One of the leading field service tools, QuikAllot comes with cutting-edge features that will boost your venture’s standing high in the FSM world. Try a free demo today and see for yourself!

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