7 Main Reasons to Switch to Field Service Management Software

Automating workflows has proved to improve the efficiency of field service businesses. A plethora of field service organizations have implemented Field Service Management (FSM) programs to optimize workflows, increase productivity, and improve revenue.

Here comes the seven important reasons to consider Field Service Management Software for your businesses.

1. Seamless Scheduling

Streamlining scheduling means increased productivity. Keep the mismatches caused due to inefficient scheduling away with the software. FSM software allows swift scheduling of technicians and dispatchers. Technicians instantly get notified about the schedule and access optimized routes to reach the customer’s place.

2. Scheduling the Skill Matching Technicians

Scheduling the right technician for the right job is the key to increase first-time fix rates. The skill sets and experience of technicians are updated in the FSM software. Once a ticket is raised, the software matches the right technician according to the skill set to get the job done.

3. Cloud Storage

Store all information such as employee data, customer data, business insights, and much other information on the cloud. Cloud storage allows you to securely store all information in one place that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

4. Improve Time Keeping

Say goodbye to manual timesheet updating processes. Technicians need not travel forth and back to the office for updating timesheets. The field service management tool allows easy timesheet updates as soon as you complete the assigned task.

5. Closely Watch Your Technicians

As soon as the technicians step out of the office, they become isolated. Tracking technicians and calculating the time spent to complete service cannot be appropriately calculated. The FSM software closely tracks the technician’s time spent on completing a task and updates instantly.

6. Gain Access to Instant Reports

Get instant reports about the job completed by the technician with the tool. This allows you to identify the strong and weak skills of technicians and train them accordingly.

7. Improve Customer Communication

Bridging the communication gap between the organization and customers has become easier with the field service management software. Customer alerts, instant notifications, customer portal, self-service center, etc helps to provide outstanding customer service.

Downsides of Not Switching To Field Service Management Software

With businesses growing at lightning space, there are still businesses questioning the benefits you get from implementing an FSM software.

Below is the list of positive impacts by an organization after switching to field service management programs.

  • 90% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 86% cut down fuel costs
  • 83% experienced seamless billing and invoicing
  • 82% increase in first-time fix rates
  • 79% handled more customers a day

Transforming businesses with the automating software has increased business performance, productivity, revenue and lowered down operational and labor costs.

What should you consider in implementing FSM software?

Rattling your brains whether to invest in the field service management programs? Follow the below points.

1. Dump Spreadsheet and Whiteboard

Many organizations monitor and manage information through excel and whiteboard. Whiteboard scheduling and spreadsheet data storage is the main reason for miscommunication and decreased productivity.

Go paperless, save extra time, effort and get the information stores in the right place, and access it whenever required with the FSM solution.

2. Poor Customer Satisfaction

Facing a hike in call volumes? Watch out for dissatisfied customers. Give the attention and excellence your customer deserves by implementing the service management software. Say a big ‘NO’ to,

  • Late arrivals
  • Incomplete repairs
  • Poor emergency call responses
  • Decreased first-time fix rates

3. Avoid Multiple Visits

Novices allotted to fix a complicated task may require multiple visits or a technician without carrying the right tools to complete the job needs a second-time visit.

Replace these inefficient factors with a seamless experience with a field service software. Technicians can access customer data, knowledgebase, connect with seasoned technicians through real-time messaging and videos to get the job done.

4. Increased Visibility

Miscommunication and confusions are the results of poor visibility. Field service management software on the other hand provides end-to-end information like technician location, time spent to complete a task, the next schedule, overall working hours, and more.

Adapting To Field Service Management Software

With mountainous benefits to switching to field service management software, companies and employees getting out of their comfort zone and exposing them to a new set of the process may take time. Switching to an FSM solution is no herculean task. Many companies have reported it just took them a month or two to get completely adapted to the new automating environment.

How to Choose the Right FSM Software to Fit Your Business

Terrified about choosing the right field service management program for your business? Ask yourself the following questions to find the right one.

What Types Of Functionality Do I Need?

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Online Quotes
  • Technical Skills Matching
  • Electronically Order New Inventory
  • Upload Photos Or Documents
  • Customer Portals
  • Automatic Invoice Generation
  • Real-Time Tracking

There are many more features required by an organization to function seamlessly. See to that, the FSM programs offer your set of features.

Hosting Your Field Service Management Software

Go for the software based on how you would like to deploy the FSM solution. Consider the following two options.

1. Host Your FSM Software on Site

More concerned about the security of data? Hosting your FSM on site from your office and customize the server needs based on your company requirements. You’d have to set up a team to monitor and maintain the setup.

2. Cloud-Based Field Service Management Software

Looking for the best, affordable way to stores your data? Subscribe to a cloud-based FSM system, enjoy increased security, cut down maintenance cost and lead a carefree data storage.

You can subscribe to the monthly or yearly plan to gain seamless access that can be accessed through web and mobile-based systems.

How to Gain Access to Your Software?

The main aim to switch to an FSM solution is to increase transparency and increase coordination among the employees and technicians. A software with both web and mobile-based applications must be the desired choice for a field service company.

With a field service mobile app, technicians can gain access to important information that can increase productivity in the field, and improve first-time fix rates.

A self-service center and customer portal is a must-have feature to enrich customer with an extraordinary customer experience.

Wrapping Up!

Choosing the right field service management software that best fits your business is an art. Switching to automation solutions increases productivity, performance, efficiency and revenue. SMBs opt for a cloud-based FSM solution to enjoy increased security, seamless hosting, and save a lot of money in maintaining the data.

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