Delivering World-Class Job And Field Management Solutions!

QuikAllot Fast Facts:

  • Swift task assignment and seamless management.

  • Empowering businesses across various domains.

  • Simplified office and field processes.

  • Designed to cater perfection.

  • Secure and reliable data storage.

About Us

QuikAllot has been designed with an aim to deal with problems, industrial, local and commercial. Through our system, executives can deliver timely solutions, and the same can be availed any hassle.

QuikAllot is one-of-a-kind job management software developed by Openwave Computing team to provide hassle-free services to all the clients across different verticals, around the globe.

Openwave Computing is a premier Information Technology leader, providing exemplary services to clients worldwide since 1997. Our range of services envelopes the entire spectrum of Information Technology from IT architecture to application development, integration, maintenance, enhancement, testing and IT enabled services.

Openwave Computing has offices located globally USA, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

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