AMC Management Software – The Route to Optimize Customer Retention Rates

Every field service industry would sign with their customers an agreement of AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for repair and maintenance of product or property where they charge some amount from the clients for a specified product or for a fixed time. It is offered by the service management organizations or other manufacturer companies after the sale is done and from these practices, the businesses can able to retain the customers for a prolonged period.

But, to manage all clients AMCs efficiently, giving them timely responses get the business managers to think to make their operations simpler and effortless.

That is why most of the businesses are thinking intelligently to stand out strong from competitors and to yield colossal revenues by collaborating with all-in-one AMC Management software.

Let’s dive deeper a little how the AMC Service CRM Software performs to improve the service management business.

Enhanced Customers’ AMC Management

It is necessary that you must go for the cloud-oriented Field Service Software if you want to streamline all your customers’ AMCs, and to keep your work simple always. As the software combines to work with an automated process, there must be intensely less chance of important information or things being left out.

Some service businesses already keeping this software in place felt that the AMC management software is something unbelievable, caters confidence to the service business organization to handle the customer AMCs properly ensuring no confusion takes place while servicing them.

Administer Service Complaint Schedules

By keeping all service requests details in the cloud, the software solution is allowing your field technicians to access the customer and complaint details anywhere anytime. You can give quick responses to the customer service requests and allow you to schedule all the received requests in a much more effective manner.

The digitized system gets the customers to see the status change of the complaints on their end and is highly supportive of delivering quality services to the clients.

Reminder System Boosts Customer Experience

The AMC & Warranty Management system stores all activities related to the product under AMC by maintaining a personalized report of every product and as well as the services that have taken place for the product in the past.

Not only from the business and technician end, but your customer can also be getting reminders of their products which is waiting to go for service.

Then, what else? Your service business starts to work for your optimized customer experience.

Manage Product and Customer Information

Every customer expects quality service, on-time response, and efficiency in the completed services from the service providers, as only these can improve their satisfaction with your brand fastly.

To achieve it sooner, the businesses need to maintain and properly manage the customer and their product information clearly and hence, it helps to give the solution to their needs as they expect and analyze the business better with the elaborated client history.

Never Miss The Renewal Of Contracts

Holding the leading position in all service provider organizations, the cloud-based service CRM software helps the managers to track down those AMC’s which are near to meet the AMC service date, as it is highlighted on the screen.

The customized tool lowers the chance of missing the renewal of contracts by 100% and furthermore automatic creation of AMC invoices makes businesses manage smoothly and effortlessly.


There is no doubt that AMC management software can make your customers delight, improve retention rates, experience and highly optimize your brand awareness.

However, your service business will never face challenges in delivering quality services just by making all operations simple and easier from service scheduling to tracking, managing, reporting, and invoicing.

With the clear dashboard of flexible Field Service Software, you get a viewpoint of all pending and completed services status on screen.

Are you looking for a replacement for your AMC software? Or is your service business needs a cost-friendly and profitable AMC management software? Program your day to watch a quick demo of our QuikAllot software now and allow the bests to happen for your venture!

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