Field Service Management Markets Expected To Cross Billions in Value

Within the next 5 years, the world of field service management is expected to see a rapid rise in value. Statistics suggest that the FSM market value will reach up to $4 billion!

Due to the increasing need for proper field services from both client end and provider’s end, FSM software has become one of the core industrial requirements.

Expanding across a variety of professions like carpentry, plumbing and laundry services, a number of companies are being birthed in this domain, and all of them need the help of good software to deliver top-notch field management service.

Additionally, the increase in smartphone usage has led both customers and business owners to go digital with their means. The trends a few years back were all manual; be it the deployment phase or the billing, everything had to be done by hand. Today, with the rise in mobile app usage and their importance beaming, business owners need to avail the services of FSM software in order to maximize their capability and reach. With cloud technologies on the rise and several other technological trends on the way, the coming decade is predicted to become a ground for FSM industries to grow like never before.

Catalyzed by the need to deliver stellar results in the most convenient way possible, FSM ventures have to get themselves the right digital aide. This has also led to the rise of game-changing software like QuikAllot, that enable FSM businesses worldwide, to deliver impeccable field solutions with ease. On-demand services like food and product delivery are on the rise, logistics companies are coming up everywhere, shipping businesses are increasing – all these have become ingredients for the creation of field service management software today.

What earlier used to be a luxury is now a necessity, as even the SMB (small-medium businesses) are opting to employ field service management software to get the job done. Highly populated countries like India and China have a colossal number of needs pertaining to the FSM domain, due to the industrialization effect. Similarly, the markets in regions like Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are seeing a steep rise in the need for FSM services.

All these factors lead to one logical conclusion – field service management software is mandatory. With trends suggesting that the coming years will be dominated by field management needs, be it by corporate entities or normal individuals, it is high time that businesses shifted their approach to the digital domain and equipped themselves with an incredible FSM software like QuikAllot.

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