How Can The Field Service Industry Survive Amid The Pandemic?

7 Proven-Ways to Keep Your Business Going Off the Deep End

The world is drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many parts around the globe are facing lockdown and shutdowns of factories and businesses.

Three fourth of the world is restricted within four walls. The shutdown of factories is hitting hard on economic sustainability and the global GDP is collapsing. Factories and industries cannot operate due to the lockdown, social distancing, and many other rules and regulations. However, the need for field service businesses is always there amid the pandemic. Frontline workers like doctors, nurses, groceries, and field service businesses are allowed to work. Here are seven ways to prevent your business from hitting the rock bottom.

Purchase Your Inventories

The global-level businesses have shrunken the distance between us. An Anomalous happening at a specific point in the world can affect your business. As the pandemic has hit the world hard, transportation, production, and manufacturing units aren’t easily available.

Make sure to stock your required inventories, as the world is running out of resources. Stop waiting until the resources go desolate. Fill up warehouses and do monitoring for every quarter of the year.

Broad Your Suppliers

That supplier who quoted a few extra dollars and you rejected his quotation, it’s time for you to make a call and join hands with him. As resources are limited it’s better to reach out to a diversified class of suppliers rather than relying on your single supplier.

Focus on choosing the remotely available supplier. This can save you a lot of money, time, and your relationship can even continue and turn fruitful after the effects of the pandemic.

Efficient Inventory Management

Keep an eye on your inventories. As the resources are out of stock, brilliantly executing the resource, optimization of resources to its fullest, constant tracking can prevent wastage of resources and reduce operational costs.

Invest in a good inventory management tracking app. The app can be used to effectively monitor,

  • Real-time tracking of inventories
  • Monitoring and planning business stocks
  • Optimization of the fullest of resources

Constantly Monitoring the Demand

Monitoring the resources in the supplier-side and demand-side has become difficult amid the pandemic. As there is a need for resources and inventories even amid the coronavirus outbreak, checking out for the demands are important.

Customers who have paid you, but due to the lack of resources the services are not met, give them vouchers and promise to reduce costs as the price of resources lower.

Get a flawless and accurate field service management system to monitor and track the demands.

Enhance Customer Service

Many companies are feeling vacant between them and their customers. Your customers are the root of your business; don’t give a chance to miss them.

Create a customer service, self-service center, AI-driven chats, social media posts, and more to stay in touch with your customers.

Your customers will forget you if you don’t hustle to connect with them. Hire a separate customer care department to contact your customers and check for any flaws. This can also help to mechanize your business amid the pandemic.

Empower and Support Your Workforce

Employees and field technicians are the eyes of any field service company. Taking care of them during such a pandemic crisis becomes important. Make sure your employees and technicians are safe. If there are workforces who are affected and hospitalized make relief funds to meet their expenses and to feed their family.

Take steps to orchestrate work from home options for both your employees and field technicians. Provide them with the needed equipment to carry out the job swiftly. Here are some of the tips to execute work from a home plan,

  • Strategize a plan with procedures and precautions to execute.
  • Meet their safety equipment requirement as well as equipment to get their job done.
  • Make policies for social distancing and pandemic-time measures.
  • Make safety measures necessary before and after each service visit.
  • Engage in with your staff; provide the necessary mode of communication.
  • Send alerts and push notifications to the field workforce on health updates.

Financial Management

Drying finance is the worst nightmare during the pandemic season. Cut unwanted expenditure, and save a lot of office maintenance money, and much more. This can help you to keep your business afloat.

Maintain a good and accurate financial management system to monitor your expenditure and business flow costs. Focus on maintaining your bottom line and have Plan B to save your company and thrive amid the pandemic.

Wrapping Up!

Equip and empower your business with Field Service Management Software that can streamline all end-to-end workflows, reduce operational costs and labor costs. Want to try FSM Software for 30 days free? Reach out to QuikAllot today for a free demo, quote and sign up to trial period!

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