How Field Service Management Software is Used to Overcome the Challenges in Elevator Business

With businesses brimming every day, elevator companies are facing cut-throat competition. The rise of competitors has made it compulsory for companies to stay ahead of customer expectations.

All these years, there have been drastic changes right from the expectation of customers, manufacturing and maintain products, services, managing workflows, and a lot more.

To meet these demands and to make a profit, an elevator company needs an Elevator Service Management Software to face the challenges and turn it to their positive.

This article discusses the six important challenges faced by every elevator company and how an elevator field service management system can help to overcome it.

The Rising Customer Service Expectations

The customer service expectations have reached their peak in the last few years. When customers are ready to pay the amount expected by companies, they expect outstanding customer service. With the emergence of ‘Uber-like’ applications in every business, customers expect 24/7 customer service, first-time fix rates, minimal calling, quick responses, instant answers to their questions, and more.

To meet the expectations, an elevator company should invest in a smart technology like Elevator Service Software. The software automates workflows, enhances transparency among teams, digitize information, and improve communication. The self-service center and 24/7 customer chat increase customer satisfaction.

Increasing Fines and Violations

As the usage of elevators has increased drastically, the regulations and other instructions to follow the rules have increased. DOB, OSHA, and other governing bodies have made a series of regulations to be followed by elevator companies while installation and during the maintenance. Many tickets have been issued recently to elevator companies in response to not monitoring or servicing elevators after installation.

To keep these fines and violations at bay, elevator companies widely use elevator service management software to oversee maintenance and routine service. Paperwork and spreadsheets have lost their importance long back. The tool helps you with alerts, push notifications, collects, organizes, and maintains important data and more.

Inventory Management

One of the big challenges faced by elevator companies is managing assets and parts of inventory. Some inventory can go unnoticed and results in increased operational costs. Field technicians stumble to choose the right inventory as soon as they are appointed for service.

Managing and tracking part of inventory becomes easy with the FSM tool. Information about the inventory is fed into the software, and the tool will give you accurate data of assets and inventory that are available at the warehouse, helps locate easily, reduce the size of the warehouse, and reduces the purchase of equipment.

Poor Communication

What can go wrong when workflows are miscommunicated? Almost everything, right? Imagine managing around 10 to 15 field technicians at the same time, scheduling tasks and dispatching becomes quite complicated, and there is a lot of chance where things can go wrong.

Making a series of calls to know the status of the job can be irritating at times for the technician. To handle these situations smoothly, Elevator monitoring software comes into play. You can swiftly track your technicians, time taken to complete the job, technicians can notify the manager after the job is done, avoid forth and back travel to the office, and scheduling a fresh service becomes easier.

Increasing Operational Costs

Elevator companies to manage the operational costs. Many companies have operational costs more than their revenues, this situation results in the fall of the company. Building an empire with an elevator business is no easy. From scheduling field technicians, managing facility and inventory ensuring a safe work environment, company vehicle costs, fuel costs, and more add up to the expenses.

Don’t prolong your wait for the report, get instant and time-to-time business insights with the elevator service software that will help you in calculating and altering the way your company functions and double-up your revenue within a month or two.

Satisfying Your Mobile Workforce

Mobile workers have a direct connection with clients. Clients consider the field technicians as the face of your company. Jobs performed by your workforce at the client’s place exhibit your company’s versatility. Asking your field technicians to follow the administrative works and paperwork can be hefty. Around 83% of field technicians have said they love their fieldwork and hate paperwork and administrative job.

Make the lives of your employees much easier with the Elevator service mobile app. Your technicians can complete the service and update all information with just a click on the mobile phone. Equip your field staff with the right tools to get their job done in excellence.

Wrapping Up!

The market size of elevator companies is growing at a fast pace. Let your company be in a prime position to handle the challenges faced by the company and the increasing number of competitors. Elevator Service Management Software is proved to increase the overall productivity from 10% to higher and results in 43% of increased revenue.

Reach out to QuikAllot and collaborate with the expert team to know more about the software, get a free demo, so you can comprehend the features and benefits in front of your eyes. Contact us today to escalate your business growth.

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