How Modern-Day FSM Software Can Build Your Field Service Business

FSM Market: Global Statistics & Forecast

The implementation of field service management tools is estimated to shoot up for the upcoming years. The global market for FSM software reached $2.9B in 2018 and is expected to reach $5.7B by 2023 with a 15.0% CAGR. 61.0% of field work organizations track customer satisfaction. With 84.8% of field service organizations using third party technicians for their current services, the need for monitoring them becomes a must.

Why FSM Software is Important?

Examining your business is of immense importance. With paper documentation and spreadsheets, companies lose efficient handling of data. Digitizing workflows becomes manageable and provides real-time data required to increase business performance and productivity. Modern problems need modern solutions! Field service management is a one-such innovative tool. It automates end-to-end workflows, increases employee productivity by increasing transparency, provides real-time reports, increases business efficiency, and expands the bottom line. Cloud storage ensures the data is backed up daily and stored safely that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Improves First Time Fix Rate

Field service business functions on customer-centric operations. Your field team is the face of your company. If this is the case, equipping them with all desired data for effective services is of colossal importance. Technicians make use of their mobile phone or tablets to fetch information about the scheduled jobs, client history, connects with the office, utilizes a knowledge base to resolve the issue at the first-time of the visit. This improves first-time fix rates and enhances customer satisfaction.

Seamless Scheduling

Running a field service business surprises you with unexpected challenges. Priority pops now and then which puts you and your mobile workforce team under pressure. To handle these tough times, work order management software whenever a priority scheduling arises suggests you with the right technician, near the location with the right experience to complete the task. This seamless scheduling keeps your business growing and increases customer satisfaction.

Top Asset Management

Asset management has a lot more to do with increasing the productivity of a business. Tracking, managing, and servicing assets at the right time can make no room for downtime, increase business productivity. Preventative maintenance facilitates quick examination and fixing of defects that saves a lot of thousands to the company per annum.

Customer Feedback

With services like ‘Uber’ customers are expecting a customer-centric application to track technicians, provide feedback, send messages, and make a call to them directly. This feedback, customer rating aims at improving the front office performance, increasing customer satisfaction.

Track External Service Contractors

Many freelance service contractors are hired to get the job done for a private organization. Tracking and managing these external service contractors becomes seamless and easy with field service management software.

Transparency In Workflows

One of the worst nightmares for any field service organization is miscommunication. Marking on the whiteboard, manual scheduling and dispatching, paper documentation is pulling the legs of your organization. Streamline daily workflows right from scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing increases transparency among managers, backend team, and mobile workforce. Workflows are streamlined which on the other hand increases employee productivity, increasing business productivity.

Instant Billing and Invoicing

Have you ever asked your mobile workforce team what they hated the most? We asked, and they replied, the administration processes like billing and invoicing. Field technicians being the face of your organization at the customer site are expected to deal with billing which they hate the most due to the tedious process. Work order management software facilitates instant billing and invoicing taking away the stress of field technicians.

Equipping Your Workforce Amid COVID-19

The virus has turned the world upside down. Field service organizations following traditional methods are diminishing. To combat the challenges, equip your workforce and management with the need of the field service software to keep your business booming.

Internal Collaboration

The technician management app installed by the field technician helps to connect with the back office. The cloud-based storage system facilitates endless access to client data, knowledgebase, send/receive messages from the back office team, connect with the seasoned technician from the customer site to fix the issue, and increase first-time fix rates.

Wrapping Up!

Accelerate the growth of your business, expand your horizons, improve business and employee productivity, increase first-time fix rates, and enhance customer satisfaction by implementing QuikAllot field service management software. Want to meet the expectations of your customers? Try QuikAllot today! Drop us a line at for a live demo and get 30 days free trial!

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