How The New Mobile Workforce Can Boost Your Field Service Business

Imagine how aggrieved a client would feel when he or she have taken a half-day leave just to get things right and your field worker reaches the client’s place in the wrong time, doesn’t know what to do next, can’t answer the question of your customers, on the top of everything forgot to bring the equipment needed to fix the task.

Pathetic, isn’t it? Don’t give a chance and impress your customers with beautiful and on-time visits, and first-time fix rates. To handle the situation wisely whooping 79% of companies have invested in mobile technologies and headcounts. The mobile workforce management app makes all these come into reality.

Here are the six important features of how the app can benefit you and help you to improve your business productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Improving The Service Of Field Technicians To The Next Level

Before the field service management software, it is always a puzzle for a field technician to know what the problem in the customer’s place is. This was the biggest disadvantage as few tools and high equipment may be needed to fix a task.

Customers might not know the depth of the issue and complain about it as normal service work. With the field service management software, now customers can take a snap of the problem and report the issues appropriately. This gives the technicians a vivid idea about the problem and they become prepared.

Also, the follow-up after every service becomes difficult for a technician, as he is involved in a number of customers a day. Around 49% of the mobile workforce finds it difficult to toggle between screens. The mobile field workforce app facilitates this issue. Field technicians can get hassle-free data about clients and services, which enhances productivity.

Field technicians are the face of your company. They come in direct contact with the clients. Equipping them with the required information and technological advancements can improve first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction. He can access real-time data, issue instant invoices, collect digital signature and a lot more benefits.

Increases Mobility and Transparency

Those days field technicians waiting for task managers to allot them works, making incessant calls and messaging, improper details and information, failure of equipment, three to four attempts to fix a service, a regular visit to the office and client’s place, traveling forth and back, all these are long gone.
If your company is facing some of or all of the above-mentioned challenges, you have to implement a mobile workforce app for your business to get the process streamlined.

The field service management app improves visibility and transparency among employees. All the required information is already available on the cloud. So, when a field technician is all alone in the client’s place he need not worry about the previous client’s history or wait for the task manager to reveal him the information. Almost all required information made available which helps the works to flow like a well-oiled machine.

  • Customer Information
  • Work History
  • Task Lists
  • Details on Schedules
  • Real-Time Notifications and Alerts
  • Dashboard

The above-mentioned information is made available for the technician to access.

Enables Offline Access Of Files And Documents

Mobile workers at times get to work in remote areas or underground where internet access becomes a question mark. The service management app is made available offline where technicians can download their schedules and information required for the day and uses it as lively as they would do when they are online. This increases business productivity and customer satisfaction as a result of first-time fix rates.

Efficient Location Tracking

Tracking your mobile workforce becomes easy with the software. They aren’t left out when they are outside of the office. In case of emergencies, you can efficiently get to know where your field technician is and can give him a hand in trouble. One of the biggest advantages is customers directly contact the office to cancel or reschedule services. Knowing your mobile technician’s location can help you to allot them for other nearby services.

Enhances Inventory and Warranty management

Can you believe only 57% of field workers get the opportunity of knowing details about the customer they are serving for? After reaching the site, a customer may tell your mobile workforce about the warranty period. Your field technicians would not have any idea about the warranty time. The application gives detail about warranties and contracts. This helps your field technician to act and make the right decision instantly.

The Knowledgebase

Your field technician sometimes feels left out in the client’s place. Fixing a few issues can be challenging and they would be far away from your company. The mobile field service management app comes handy with the knowledgebase. It is a collection of data, tutorials, and videos explaining how to fix the issue. The technician will no more feel left out as they have beautiful guidance as to their backup.

Also, taking a snap of the issue and sending it to seasoned field technicians, real-time messaging, and mailing greatly helps novices to perform well.

Wrapping Up!

Technological advancement is the talk of the town. The company equipped with disruptive technologies performs better, as it increases productivity, performance, and business revenue. The mobile workforce app plays a critical role in improving customer satisfaction and customer retention. As the number of field service businesses are sprouting up every day, the need to stay ahead of competitors to survive becomes essential.

Many field services companies have reported at least 60% of an increase in overall business productivity and 39% of the decrease in operational costs. If you are planning to implement a field service app or want to try the app for free, collaborate with the super-skilled QuikAllot team.

Our experts will take you through the process, give you a free demo and offer 30 days free trial. One God-sent way to make your business bigger and better. What are you waiting for, give us a call today!

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