Simplify and Automate Medical Equipment Operations with Our Intelligent QuikAllot Medical Equipment Service Management Software!

Medical Equipment Industry can be a complicated business. Organizations face too many challenges from scheduling work orders, delivering on-time proactive services, and boosting efficiency to building positive and profitable relationships with their customers. There is no doubt that this Medical Equipment Field Service Software can give them a way to achieve it all pretty soon. Keeping track of all business operations, and service level agreements, automating the process, making work operation optimized, and much more, Our QuikAllot’s customized solution does it like a dream!

Field Service Management Software

Manage a Worthwhile Medical Equipment Organization Forever with QuikAllot’s Core Features!


Increase Competitive Advantage with a Value-Driven QuikAllot Medical Equipment Service Software!

Digitalization and automation in the medical equipment industry have modernized the whole process the business operates, making things easier, faster, and more efficient. Investing in the best medical equipment management software solution can integrate every part of the business, simplify complex processes, and scale your organization promptly! See some of the benefits of a modern QuikAllot system for your growing medical equipment company.

  • Manage each of the service operations in a complete-solution software platform
  • Get the fastest way to take service calls
  • Create and schedule service requests in seconds
  • Allocate multiple jobs to various technicians
  • Dispatch field technicians based on their skill set, availability, and location
  • Get real-time information on job status, equipment, employees and their location, and business operations
  • Build a better collaboration between the field and the back office team
  • Automatic notifications to the field staff and customers
  • Supervise on-site and office employees from anywhere
  • Measure and track job costs accurately
  • Manage a comprehensive record of each customer’s contact information, AMCs, service history, technicians’ reports, and equipment
  • Seamless integration with the favorite business systems and apps like QuickBooks, CRM, Mailchimp, PayPal, and more.
  • Achieve business transparency, gain business insights, and measure performance and KPIs.

And, much more!

Field Service Management Software

QuikAllot’s Highly Effective Mobile App to Equip Your Onsite Medical Device Workers!

Manage the entire field workforce with ease, increase revenue, and lower the organization’s costs by giving your medical equipment technicians a dynamic and cost-effective QuikAllot Field Service Management App!

Some of the perks your employees get using QuikAllot’s app:

  • Improved productivity
  • Get medical device inspection/maintenance job updates in a flash
  • Reach out to service location faster with routing and mapping capabilities
  • Faster accessing of equipment details from the job site
  • Online and offline capabilities so that an active internet connection is not needed
  • Collect customer’s e-signatures and capture pictures from the job site
  • Quicker invoicing

And a lot more!

Field Service Mobile App

QuikAllot Keeps Your Customers Informed and Proactively Engaged with Your Brand Evermore!

With QuikAllot’s Medical Equipment Service Software, your company is always there for your customers when they need you. A client can either login to the customer app directly or submit service requests via an embedded form on your secure web interface.

Here are some of the benefits of QuikAllot software that customers enjoy:

  • Book a new complaint either in a mobile app or web portal
  • Seamless tracking of complaint status
  • Review complete job history
  • Seamless maintenance or inspection service management
  • Manage AMC of the products or services
  • Receive automated e-mail reminders on AMCs renewal
  • Upload payment proofs
  • View the picture/ID of the assigned technician for a Job
  • Receiving invoices and managing them
  • White labeling
QuikAllot Customer App

Synchronize Your Organization And Medical Equipment Management Information In One Suite!

Medical equipment service providers can facilely expand their business horizon, cash flow, and make everyone in the business space get avant-garde experience with seamless integrations of various third-party tools and systems. If you are someone worrying about making tax calculations, payroll generating, accounting, and improving customer relationships, our Medical Equipment Business Software delivers superior support to keep everything your organization needs in a single place with efficient integrations. Here are some of the apps QuikAllot integrates:

QuikAllot Integration Tools

QuikAllot is a Master in Building Your Medical Equipment Business Efficiency and Growth!

  • Manage customers, workers, jobs, equipment, and everything from anywhere
  • Elevates technician performance and productivity
  • Increases overall operational efficiency of your business
  • Digitize all your data – say goodbye to paperwork
  • Automation simplifies end-to-end operations from scheduling to invoicing
  • Real-time visibility, smart integrations, data analytics, and all boosts efficiency
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increases response time and first-time fix rate
  • Achieve predictable revenues
  • Lowers organization’s expenses and job estimation with 100% accuracy