Robust System for Seamless Service, Job and Maintenance Management

  • QuikAllot web app helps manage businesses smoothly by eliminating paperwork, simplifying job management and making maintenance easier.
  • QuikAllot makes job management a breeze by letting you assign the technicians, track jobs in real-time, manage resource and generate invoices conveniently. With the administrative office always in contact with field technicians, the overall workflow will be excellent.
  • There is complete workflow transparency, in-depth control and ultimately, happier customers with QuikAllot.
Field Service Management Application

Features that Make Your Job Easier


Keep Connected, from the Office to the Field

  • Field technicians are always connected with the office and vice versa through QuikAllot.
  • Field technicians will not need to drop by the office at all! Through the QuikAllot mobile app, they can avail real-time job data while executives are able to monitor work schedules and communicate important updates immediately.
  • Owing to the smooth office-to-field connectivity, a lot of the field technician’s time is saved. This helps increase billable hours, deliver stellar customer experience and bring in massive ROI.
Field Service Mobile App