Field Service Management Software

Why Your Business Needs QuikAllot?

Assigning tasks and keeping a track over them has become a challenging task today. There is always work to be tended to, but a lack of management. QuikAllot brings the perfect solution to this issue.

By facilitating convenient allocation of work with an efficient web app, this stellar online tool puts the problem to rest. With QuikAllot, not just allocation, even the field work is made more efficient. Workers no longer have to go through calls to fetch details or have a hard time connecting with the customers. With the magnificent QuikAllot, field and office side work is simplified to elegance.

How QuikAllot is Changing the Game:

With a stellar web app for the front end deployment and a powerful mobile app for the field-end, QuikAllot leaves no space for errors. From assigning, to handling, to concluding, each process is done to perfection, ensuring a smile on your face. Here are 4 amazing features QuikAllot provides:

Real-Time Tracking

You no longer have to waste time calling executives and enquiring work durations. QuikAllot provides real-time tracking facilities, so you can monitor work status and executive location at your comfort.

No More Paperwork

Filing work requirements and keeping records of tasks and executives is a hassle. Having to deal with this on a large scale will be even worse! QuikAllot eliminates the need for paperwork by providing a fully digital platform for all the processes, from allocation to invoicing.

Offline Synchronization

Long has the problem of bad signal caused a hindrance to services. QuikAllot has an impeccable system for online storage. No matter how poor the network, all the information is stored offline and automatically synced once the internet is available. This leaves no room for miscommunication or errors.

Efficient Scheduling

Task assigning has never been easier. With QuikAllot, one mail is enough to generate a report and deploy an executive. Once you have mailed your complaint, workers will get prompted immediately, and deployed to the site in no time.

From head to toe, all the processes of job management have been made optimized for providing the best user experience. The office side enjoys a seamless tasking experience, while the field workers avail a hassle-free app for their work needs. Take your scheduling to the next level, with the magnificent QuikAllot! Get yourself a demo today and watch the brilliance unfold.